Monday, August 11, 2008


Most people believe riesling is a sweet wine, but this varietal can be made from dry to sweet. It has also been know to be made effervescent.

I really like rieslings and it is my preferred white wine. This varietal comes in so many different styles and you can almost always find one to fit your mood.

Riesling's most popular profile includes a strong floral and apple like aroma with hints of minerals. You may sometimes even smell a faint petroleum or kerosene scent. It has flavors of apple, pear, apricot, flint and minerals.

Rieslings can be styled differently because it is one of the varietals that can grow in both cooler and warmer weather. Here are the style profiles for the cool climate and warm climate rieslings.

Riesling Cool Climate flavor profile: lean, reserved, light bodied, crispy, tangy, high acid, apricot, green apples, and dry to sweet

Riesling Warm Climate flavor profile: opulent, full bodied, low acid, tropical notes, lychee nuts, and dry to sweet.

Come over to the Tasting Room and try the dry riesling from Pewsey Vale and then try the Leitz which will be a much sweeter counter part.


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