Monday, October 27, 2008

CSW Exam - Certified Specialist of Wine

I am continually studying for the Certified Specialist of Wine certification. The Tasting Room has set up access to Gallo's Wine Academy for for everyone that works for them. The first person to complete the Academy gets to take their CSW exam on TTR's dime.

I finished first, but have yet to take the test. I really should have taken the test right after completing the Academy. I will need to go through the whole Academy again as a refresher and I hope to have my CSW by the end of November.

In the mean time, here's some questions you might find on an CSW exam - answers below:
  • Where is the wine region of Mendoza located?
  • Who is the man responsible for the "Balanced Vine" theory?
  • What is a synonym for Chenin Blanc in South Africa?
  • Wine is mostly comprised of what?
  • The Los Carneros AVA is best known for which varietal of wine?
  • When did prohibition end in the USA?
  • Catarratto, Grillo and Inzolia are used to produce what fortified wine?
  • What are the two primary white grapes in Bordeaux?
  • How many aromas can humans be trained to identify?
  • Humans are most sensitive to which taste?
So these are only 10 questions of about a 1000 they can give. The actual exam is 100 questions. The questions range from viticulture to viniculture to every continent that grows wine and all the major wine growing areas within those regions. This is definitely A LOT to learn, but for me well worth it.

  • Argentina
  • Richard Smart
  • Steen
  • Water
  • Pinot Noir
  • 1933
  • Marsala
  • Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon
  • ~1000
  • bitter

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Susan McHenry said...

Forget the Gallo Wine Academy...use the free study tools at Quizzes, flashcards, and lots of cool info. P.S. It's not my website - I just got a huge amount of useful tools there. Susan McHenry