Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Beaux Frères Vineyard Pinot Noir

The Beaux Frères Vineyard Pinot Noir is easily one of the best Pinot Noir's I have ever had and certainly the best this year.

These are the tasting notes from the wine maker:
This wine is deep ruby to the rim, with sweet black cherry and cassis fruit... The Willamette Valley cuvée is an up-front wine with medium to full body, beautifully pure fruit, supple tannin, and a good vibrant acidity giving the wine a freshness to go along with its fullness and palate-pleasing style.

I agree with their tasting notes and would add some ripe strawberry and a little spice to the flavor profile for the bottle we had. For those that like a fruit forward taste, easy silky tannins, and some body to their wine, this is the wine for you. It is not cheap and will cost you around $80-$100/bottle.

Definitley a wine worth saving for a special occasion.


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Amanda said...

I will def have to try this wine the next time I come into the tasting room.